"The most Controversial
cards game in U.S. History"

The Corrupt Shun Project PreLaunch Access

 *This message is to provide you with the understanding of our mission, efforts & severity of it’s existence. Serving awareness of the deals made in our Nations system. Now you can play these powers in your hand.

Corrupt Shun-

Is The Awakening Experience in politics through the engagement of role-playing scenarios & positions of proposing policy’ through the many challenges & obstacles faced along the way.

*Exciting *Educative


*Socially Interactive!

Why is this important?

Our product series could ripple new views of consciousness in our country! Through playing roles of policy legislation and having people experience the obstacles of corruption that interfere with well intention policies created for the people are being altered or removed to serve corporate influences & big special interests.

 The Issues brought to attention with this game are real.

  • Social issues; LGBT Adoption rights, Abortion, Death Penalty, First Amendment
  • Domestic policy; Drug Policy, Gerrymandering, WhistleBlower protection, Net Neutrality
  • Environmental issues; Climate Change, Fossil Fuels dependency, Alt. Energy
  • Economic Issues; Equal Pay, taxes, min. wage, gov. Spending, Tech Monopolies
  • Immigration; border security, deportation, illegal detainment  
  • Healthcare; drug prices, regulating big pharma 
  • Education: free college 
  • Electoral; Foreign interference, Lobbying electoral college, voter suppression / purging
  • Science issues
  • National Security 
  • Foreign Policy
  • Transportation
  • Elections  & More!

These issues are important to every American. We are trying to provide these matters of visibility & communication in this series of engaging activity that is fun & neutrally challenging for players to face with these games!

Billions of dollars are spent every year the same way in politics, yet we are still divided’ why? We need a new outlet. Help support CorruptShun games in this 1 time campaign so we may have the structure to  provide this series to all.  

We’re Launching soon on Kickstarter! 

These Fan Prizes & credits are to help us provide a stable start with positive understanding of our products debut message,.       More importantly; our mission.

This Call-To-Action will be the opportunity you will benefit from. By signing up, hearing our story, see this progress & telling others. We will be happily giving away lots of offerings that won’t be available to the public on the day of crowd campaigning launch.

Sign up to one of the below offerings for a Limited time only / No commitment required. This page will be open till launch date 07/04/20. 

Lastly, Only the first signups that reach our launch link to redeem their voucher will get the offer prizes listed here.

Maximum Limitations are between 300 to 600 tickets depending on tiers claimed below.

See our latest release of game 3 included in this 1st edition. Play as a Politician, Special Interest, or ROGUE’.  Before it is released to public. Like it’ Share it’ Vote on which game & features you like best!

"Follow the Money"
Earn & Spend Money in Government Funding & Lobbyist Bribes
Twists of influence opportunity at every turn
Map GameBoard of D.C.
Fold your cards across the D.C. landscape & see your actions into law

Welcome to
Ladyonthecourt (1)
Place your name in our products Kickstarter funded debut release ending credits as a Thankyou to our supporters commercial. This will display in our video, & our website for 1 year! INCLUDES 
  • Commercial & site credits display of appreciation.
  • New Video Links sent to you.
  • Buy 1 get 1 free Voucher 

2nd Tier Level Upgrade here

Receive this Bonus
& Get $10 extra to use                  on date of launch.
Get the early designs 1st complete edition (base graphics, full play). 
  • Video Commercial credits display of appreciation (for 1 year!)
  • Full game 1st Edition/ 3 games in 1 
  • New Video Links & Video Tutorials
  • 50% Edition Upgrades (11 in the making)

3rd Tier upgrade


 Get $30 to use on date of launch. Limited cap 200 tickets

Redeem for a value of over $50 

Promote your business as our Sponsor in our 1 time contribution, Be placed in our public listing included inside every copy sold for a year!  For business or as a private philanthropy donation notice to all our customers! Get everything before,plus;
  • Endorsement credit on games Constitution Booklet (Sponsored by)
  • High grade Quality & Signed Edition
  • 1 Free Up coming editions upgrade

Top Tier 

A Presidential Package of Appreciation! Triple any offer ever to be available to a limited 300 tickets.

Redeem for a value of over $150 Only available with sign up here.

Please find that this one time opportunity to help us bring this product line series to market by following  & sharing the content that will be provided upon your temporary subscription to follow us to our final campaign where with the help of you and many others can help us to provide a 1 time pledge when it comes time to activate our campaign “Debut” July 04. -Thankyou!   

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